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Teacher Nomination: She is a very capable student, who is intensely interested in learning to draw. That’s all she wants to do! She draws during recess and lunch recesses, and would draw during class if allowed to (I had to take away THREE drawing pads from her last year because she was drawing during math and language arts lessons.).

She primarily draws in the Anime style.

Alicya attends our Afterschool program, and was also in my afterschool GATE program last year. Her mom works a lot, but would totally support taking her to any art lessons or classes you could get her signed up for. Alicya Is an only child. -C.M.

This mini-scholarship of $220 will provide:
1 full session of drawing classes at $50 per month for 4 months

No equipment needed
Subtotal of $200.00
+(20) 10% LaunchPad administration fee
Total of $220.00

This is Alicya’s first activity in the program. Let’s help her explore her talent in drawing!

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