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#WishfulWednesday! What if Gabby Douglas never got the chance to do Gymnastics!

We all know the story of Gabby Douglas, the olympic gold medalist who, against all odds, was scouted by one of the top gymnastic trainers in the country! What’s even more powerful though is how! Gabby’s mother was a single mom who worked tirelessly to keep Gabby in gymnastics at all costs.  Just when she could no longer afford to send her, another family with five children stepped in to scholarship Gabby so she could continue.

With all of these people working together, her mother, her coach, and her sponsor, Missy Parton working Missy-Parton-and-Natalie-Hawkins-celebrate-Gabby-Douglas-gold-medal-Good-Morningtogether they literally changed the course of her life! Gabby put in the work, Missy put in the funding and support along with her mother and her coach!

Can you imagine if Gabby didn’t get her chance! The Parton family helped launch Gabby into a new life that had so many positive outcomes and benefits and she is still reaping them today. You never know how these scholarships can really change the perspective of someone’s life! That’s why LaunchPad’s goal is to connect more people that want to help, like Missy Parton, to kids that need it, like Gabby Douglas!

Read more about Gabby’s here.



#FounderFriday We are officially a 501C3!

LaunchPad4Kids, Inc. is officially a 501 C3 and I have to say that it feels amazing! It has taken two years of discussing, planning, testing and collaborating to finally get to this point! It’s hard to believe it but we can actually move forward on the journey to crowd fund for good!

Since this is the first blog post of this kind, I’d like to explain why I will be writing #FounderFriday! Well first off, Friday is just a great day for writing about good things! Second I want to share our mission, goals, vision and progress with our supporters.  This will be an open diary of the journey in building a nonprofit together from the ground up. My goal is to share what we’ve learned, challenges we face, triumphs and accomplishments we make as an organization. I wanted to have a space to introduce all of the integral people that help LaunchPad accomplish our mission (and it does take a village)!

Surrounded by friends, family and community members in June of 2013, I unveiled the idea to begin a nonprofit project called LaunchPad. Our mission is to provide a way for one person to impact a child in need, by providing funds to an activity of a child’s choice.

 I had no idea how to run a non profit and frankly, I am still Launchpad 4 kids, inc.-2learning. I have a feeling that this learning curve will always be there, changing and evolving with time. I just wanted an easier, simplified way to get kids into activities to expose them to the benefits that come along with being involved in activities. Unveiling the idea was one of the most terrifying and invigorating parts of this journey so far, but the feedback and excitement I received was the spark I really needed to move forward!

The process of beginning a nonprofit has been both rewarding and challenging, to say the least. Experiencing my community do whatever they can to help our LaunchPad Kids has been the most validating aspect of it all!

Originally we began with nonprofit organizations referring children which eventually shifted to teachers and schools to ensure that each child was vetted properly for our program requirements.

With schools and teachers we found that we could create a process that could be replicated for every school and the potential to expand with this method would be greater and faster.

Although we’ve run into a few road blocks getting the program into schools at a quick rate, the teachers who are involved in the program are 100% behind the kids that they refer. They are their champions and that has been the most critical aspect of the program!

We found that teachers always wanted to do more but didn’t quite have the avenue to quickly and efficiently refer a child for activities they were interested in. We are still looking for the right avenue to give the program the expansion into nationwide schools that we are hoping to achieve. However, in the meantime, we have discovered that sponsors are more than willing to help these children in any way they can which is fantastic news all the way around.

The scholarships make such a difference for these families. Self-confidence is boosted, children are so proud of their accomplishments and parents do whatever it takes to get these children to their activities. Appreciation doesn’t even scratch the surface of what many of these parents express both in letters and phone conversations.

Check out our infographic to see what we’ve done over the last two years!

Ashlee Tate, M.A., is the Founder of LaunchPad 4 Kids, Inc.

Ashlee Tate, M.A., is the Founder of LaunchPad 4 Kids, Inc.

*These posts may not always be perfect but they will be from the heart! I hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or question. Also don’t forget to sign up for our Rocket Fuel Newsletter!


Video Walk Through Of The Fundify Theme

Thanks for taking the time to look at our latest theme called “Fundify” a crowd funding theme for WordPress. It’s a WordPress theme that seamlessly integrates with Easy Digital Downloads (a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress) and allows you to create a crowd funding website in the likes of Kickstarter or Indigogo. Easily crowd source everything from films, games, music to art, design, technology, or anything you can imagine.

Campaign “Backers” can pledge specified amounts of money towards a project and receive rewards for their contributions. Using the PayPal Adaptive Payments extension, pledge amounts are only collected if a campaign reaches its goal in the time specified. Campaign backers are listed so you can see who all is involved, and comments allow for interaction between authors and backers.

We’ve added a front-end submission form for people to submit new campaigns to your website, making it super easy to add new campaigns. They can set a goal amount, the length of the campaign, and if they have a video that can be added to the campaign page as well as images. Campaigns are set to “pending” for a site administrator to review and publish.

Some of the features that we’ve included with the theme are, a “responsive design” This means when you view Fundify on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, it will always look amazing.

Alongside the amazing custom plugin integration, the theme can be used as a standard WordPress blog. We’ve added a number of features such as template pages that include a contact page template so it has the same design as the rest of your site, a full-width template, archive template and much more. Easily customize the look of your website with the WordPress customizer.

We hope that our theme and plugin can help many projects get off the ground using crowd funding, so go take the theme demo for a spin and if you like what you see purchase the theme from

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