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How Iceland used the power of extracurricular activities!

Extracurriculars do so much more for children than provide the opportunity to exercise! The connections that can be formed with peers, the skills that are learned from life and so much more. I thought I’d share this article to help illustrate the power behind helping children gain access to extracurricular activities by closing the opportunity gap!

#founderfriday: Meet My Intern!

Hi Launchers,

I feel so lucky to have had such fantastic interns over the years. Sunny has been one of the most instrumental in regards to the LaunchPad program (you’ll find out why in the video). I had to convince her to shoot this video with me before she goes off to college so I set up a series of questions to help you all get to know her better as well as some questions regarding her experience! Check it out to see what its like on the “Sunny side of LaunchPad!” We probably had too much fun filming but that’s why meeting each week was so fun!

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Want to congratulate Sunny, leave a comment down below for her!


#FounderFriday: Update- Gracie’s story

Hi Launchers,

In today’s video I’m so excited to share Gracie’s story! She is our first Astronaut to be launched in the program and that’s big news in our world! Don’t forget to subscribe to our new channel so you don’t miss any of our episodes! Let us know what you think of our new Vlog or give Gracie some kudos in the comments section and we’ll pass them on to her! Thanks so much for watching!