Cash, 7, Swimming classes, $282

By LaunchPad

Teacher Nomination: This student is lively, funny, quick-witted, athletic and adventurous! He has enormous learning potential but has struggled academically. He experienced some trauma early in life, and fell behind early in his school career. Though this year started off rough with behavior issues, over the past months he has become more self-disciplined, harder working, and has become motivated to succeed in his academics! He is one of the most kind-hearted and eager to succeed students I know, which is why I knew he was a perfect candidate for Launchpad. This little rocket is going to soar!-J.D.

This mini-scholarship of $282.00 provides:

$210 3 months of Swimming classes @ 70/mth

$12 Goggles

$20 Swim trunks

$15 Beach Towel

Subtotal $257

$25 administration fee

Total =$282