Faith, 12, [Soccer], $181

By LaunchPad

Let’s help Faith play Fall season soccer!

Reason for nomination:

Faith has undergone several hardships in her life which may place her at risk of not meeting normal milestones of social, physical and emotional development. Most recently the loss of her primary caregiver, her great grandmother due to cancer. Her new guardian has done a tremendous job supporting her in home and school. Faith has strengths in physical activities and would greatly enjoy and benefit from physical activity. -L.O.

This scholarship of $181 will provide:

Your sponsorship will provide the following:

$60 (Cleats)

$20 (soccer ball)

$20 (shin guards)

$10 (soccer socks)

$15 (soccer equipment bag)

$20 (shirt)

$20 (shorts)

sub total of $165

+($16) 10% Launchpad administration fee

Total of $181

a $90 registration fee was waived through a partnership with The Youth Soccer League.