Giselle, 7, Gymnastics, $242

By LaunchPad

Here’s what Giselle teacher had to say about her in her teacher nomination: 

There are so many reason that I nominated Giselle for LaunchPad. Here are a few:

Giselle is every teacher’s dream! She is self-motivated, conscientious, diligent, and always puts forth her best effort. Her tender hearted nature and concern for others have resulted in others flocking to be near her, including me. Giselle’s happy, grateful, positive attitude made our classroom a better place. The support from her folks on the home front is also incredible. Her mom made sure Giselle completed all of her homework and turned it n. Furthermore, Giselle is only one of three students who read at home EVERY night this year AND brought her signed reading slip back every Friday! If Giselle is accepted, her parents will support and follow through with any expectations that LaunchPad requires. Giselle is one of those human beings that makes the world a better place. And although her dad works very hard to support his family while mom stays home to raise the family and take care of the house, they have a very limited income and would never be able to afford any type of class or training for Giselle. In my opinion, Giselle would not only benefit from the program, she would take the skills she learns and use them in ways to make others happy and better their lives. Thanks so much for the consideration. -L.P.


This Mini-Scholarship of $242.00 will provide:

3 months of Gymnastics at $50 per month

This scholarship also includes the $40.00 registration fee and $30.00 leotard.

Equipment: Leotard

Subtotal of $220.00

+(22) 10% LaunchPad administration fee

Total of $242.00