Gracie, 12, Tennis, $1045 (Astronaut Program)

By LaunchPad

Gracie is an Astronaut in tennis! This means that Gracie has completed 3 activities in the original LaunchPad program and has decided to stick with Tennis! As a culmination of her experiences in the program, being an Astronaut provides Gracie with the opportunity to commit to an activity for 1 full year of uninterrupted participation to develop a skill set she can use in the future. Let’s get Gracie up and swinging!

This scholarship of $1045 will provide:

12 months of tennis classes at $70 per month (3 practices per week)

4 tournament fees at $15 per tournament

1 tennis racket $50

Subtotal of $950

+10% ($95) Launchpad administration fee

Total of $1045