Josephine, 10, Karate, $302

By LaunchPad

This student is a bright, energetic, caring girl, who could truly benefit from extra curricular activities, encouraging pro social behaviors. She has had a hard time making and keeping friends. I feel that getting her involved in pro social activities, will build her confidence and social skills, when in group activities. Her parents have three children and it is a financial burden for them to pay for activities outside of school. She is very excited about this opportunity!

This mini-scholarship of $302 will provide:

3 months of Karate classes @ $85/mth (2 classes per week @ 1hr each)

1 Introductory class (Vendor Partnership Rate)

$0 Karate Uniform (Vendor Partnership Rate)

Subtotal $275

+ ($27) 10% LaunchPad administration fee

Total of $302

Will you help Marshall take Karate classes with a mini-scholarship from the Launchpad program?

Previous completed Activities: None


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