Logan, 8, Soccer, $269

By LaunchPad

Here’s what Logan’s teacher had to say about him in his teacher nomination: 

“I nominated Logan for a LaunchPad scholarship because I see so much potential in him. He definitely has that “spark”! Logan came to our second grade classroom after we started the year. He was angry, defiant, and emotional. He came to our school because his aunt and uncle took him in to care for him while his mother is in prison. His mother will there for three more years. I have see such a tremendous transformation this year! He started out in a reading intervention group. Now he is above grade level! He has become a calm, respectful student. He has a positive attitude toward school now. He is quite and athlete! He loves football in particular. I sincerely hope you give this deserving young man a chance to continue his upward trajectory to bigger and better things.”- D.S. 2nd grade teacher

This Mini-Scholarship of $269.00 will provide:

This scholarship of $181 will provide:
Your sponsorship will provide the following:
$80 Registration
$60 (Cleats)
$20 (soccer ball)
$20 (shin guards)
$10 (soccer socks)
$15 (soccer equipment bag)
$20 (shirt)
$20 (shorts)
sub total of $245
+($24) 10% Launchpad administration fee
Total of $269