Madison, 13, Hip Hop Dance classes, $180

By LaunchPad

Teacher Nomination: 

Madison is a very creative and funny young woman who is eager to be involved in extracurricular activities. Due to her home life and the limited financial option of her family , she has not had as many opportunities to engage in these extracurricular activities or be exposed to a peer group who is equally interested in developing a shared set of skills. Madison’s mother is eager to provide support and encouragement for her daughter to gain new talents and develop her social skills  as she enter her pre-teen years.

Any assistance Madison and her family could receive in helping her be exposed to peers, healthy adults and artistic talent would be greatly appreciated. I am confident Madison and her family would be eager and grateful participants and recipients of the opportunities this program has to offer. -V.A.


This Mini-Scholarship of $180 will provide:

3 months of Hip Hop dance classes at $48 per month

The enrollment fee of $20

No equipment is necessary

Subtotal of $164

+(16)  10% LaunchPad administration fee

Total of $180