Nevaeh, 9, Ballet Classes, $279

By LaunchPad

Teacher Nomination: Nevaeh is a kind-hearted and friendly, 9 year old girl n the 4th grade. She loves art, spelling, and would like to be a doctor when she grows up! Sadly, Nevaeh’s mom passed away last year and Nevaeh and her sister currently live with her grandmother. Nevaeh’s family would be very thankful for her to have the opportunity to pursue her interest in art and have anĀ activity to enjoy after school. Thank you for your consideration!–C.F.

This Mini-Scholarship of $279 will provide:

$48 per month for 3 months of 1 hour dance classes per week

$20 Registration fee

$20 Dance bag

$35 Leotard

$25 Shoes

$10 Tights

Subtotal of $254

+(25) 10% LaunchPad administration fee

Total of $279

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