Patrick, 17 years old, Piano Astronaut Year, 3 mos $360.25, Full Year $1441

By LaunchPad

Patrick’s Thoughts: This program has gotten me out of the house and helped me be more social and active. I am choosing piano in order to expand my knowledge on music as I am very interested in that. I would love to eventually be able to make my own music as a hobby. Overall this program has helped me breakout of my shy cocoon and be more social. I have met really cool and amazing people along with learning boxing, some guitar and piano. I want to thank launch pad, my sponsors, and my Aunt Tracey for being able to provide me with such an experience and opportunity that helped change my life for the better.

Teacher Nomination: I am nominating my client, who is a 16-year-old male with a past life-long history of severe trauma and neglect, for a sponsorship to assist with a meaningful extra-curricular activity.  A few months ago, Patrick moved here with his aunt to remove him from an unhealthy environment to improve his functioning in all domains of life.  Since moving with his aunt, boxing has been a valuable outlet for him to utilize as a coping mechanism to help him to continue to regulate his positive sense of self.  However, due to his aunt’s medical needs, his aunt is finding it more and more difficult to financially provide for his extra-curricular activities.  Patrick would significantly benefit from any sponsorship especially continuing to participate in boxing. KK

Subtotal $1310

+ $131 (10% LaunchPad administration fee)

Total of $1441

Will you help Patrick take piano classes for a full year with an Astronaut Scholarship from the Launchpad program?  We encourage all levels of donations and can pool multiple sponsors.

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