Savannah, Age 11, [Cheerleading] $495

By LaunchPad

Any amount towards this campaign helps this family. All funds go directly to the school to reduce the cost of Cheerleading for Savannah. This balance provides a uniform that last for two years, shoes, and warm-ups allowing Savannah to participate in cheerleading all year for the next two years.

The LaunchPad nomination:

I would like to nominate a 6th grade girl for a Launch Pad Scholarship. She is a wonderful young lady. She has overcome several significant obstacles in her young life. In order for her to continue to participate in the things she loves, she needs some additional support. Her mom is unable to provide the financial support for her to pursue her dreams. Her mom is able and willing to get her to the activities but the cost is causing a significant hardship. She is currently participating in 6th grade basketball and she is on a competitive cheer team.. She has done the hard work to make the cheer team. She has dedicated herself to practice in preparation for the cheer performance season that starts in January. She is in need of some extra support to help her to compete on the cheer team. She needs extra support in order to purchase the necessary equipment participate in the upcoming competitions.

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