Sophia, 10, Gymnastics, $242

By LaunchPad

Here’s what Sophia’s teacher had to say about her in her teacher nomination: 

“Sophia is a great child. She works extremely hard at every aspect of school. She is a great athlete, and an excellent student in all academic areas. She eagerly accepts any challenge, and is very well-respected and liked by her peers. She expressed her interest in learning gymnastics, and would love to attend classes. I can’t think of a more deserving candidate. Thank you.”- J.B. 3rd/4th grade teacher

This Mini-Scholarship of $242.00 will provide:
3 months of Gymnastics at $50 per month
This scholarship also includes the $40.00 registration fee and $30.00 leotard.
Equipment: Leotard
Subtotal of $220.00
+(22) 10% LaunchPad administration fee
Total of $242.00

Sophia has successfully completed her first scholarship in Piano for 6 months! Let’s give her the gift of experience in Gymnastics!