Weston, Age 9 [Drawing Classes]

By LaunchPad

[Update] Weston has been sponsored and given the opportunity to explore his artistic talent! He is in his third month of drawing and is doing exceptionally well!

Weston’s goal of $200 will provide Weston the opportunity to learn advanced drawing during the months of Sept-December. All materials are included. Let’s send Weston to an advanced drawing class to help hone his skills in drawing and encourage his passion for art!

Art to Conquer Boredom and Stress 

Encouraging your child to doodle when he is idle is the perfect solution to boredom. Just give your child enough art material and allow his imagination to run wild. Sitting down with your child, and drawing something as well, is an excellent way to spend quality time with him. 

There is a wide range of media available for your child to discover his artistic side. You can start your child with pastels, switch to water colours as he grows up, and, if he nurtures the art habit, you may even see your child graduate to oil paintings one day. Encouraging art also includes letting your child try his hand at modelling with play dough, pot painting, and other activities. Think out of the box. Have your child make something out of odds and ends, like a paper bag puppet, for example. 

Dabbling in art is also a great stress buster. In fact, psychologists encourage a child to draw so that they can draw inferences from the child’s art and psychoanalyse them. Drawing and painting can also be an ideal way for children to vent their pent-up feelings.