Michael, 7 years old, would like to learn to play SOCCER

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Counselor Nominated

Michael has been exposed to a lot of trauma. He was living with dad and his girlfriend for 2 years. Dad started to get violent with girlfriend. The most recent act of violence was when they witnessed him choke her until she passed out. This resulted in him going back to live with his mom. He has been living with mom for the past 5 months. Mom works and he say she makes him feel like she doesn't want him. Then 2 weeks ago, he received some sad news regarding his dad. He passed away.

 He is having a really difficult time, and this program will be perfect for him.

K.N., School Counselor

Soccer Cost

  • Season of soccer $70 (uniform included)
  • Soccer equipment such as cleats, shin guard, water bottle, practice socks and a ball $150
  • Admin cost = $22
  • Total = $242

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