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Become an Oxidizer (Participating Schools & Organizations) 

“An agent that releases oxygen for combination with another substance, creating combustion and gas for propulsion. Alternatively oxidants”.

Our nominators are our most important asset to our program! These Oxidizers are the backbone of the LaunchPad program. They find families and children that have a spark and nominate them to receive a scholarship. Many times, these scholarship nominations are  the catalyst for children to discover aspects of themselves that they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to find!

In general, our Oxidizers are teachers or approved nonprofit organization staff members. These Oxidizers take out the time to look for that special spark in a child that could benefit from what our program has to offer. They will then send home a nomination packet to the parent to fill out. Once the scholarship packet is completed and returned, the teacher returns the packet with their nomination letter to LaunchPad.

It takes a special person to do more than work with children to go above and beyond to truly impact their life and give the gift of an experience. This is what our Oxidizers do!

So, if you’re interested in adding your school or organization to the LaunchPad program as a parent, staff member or teacher. Please fill out the information below and we will contact your principal with all of the materials and information necessary to get your school or organization started!


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