LaunchPad’s very own wish comes true!

By LaunchPad

YOU’VE helped make 40 wishes come true since 2013 and today LaunchPad’s wish came true!
We just received OUR VERY OWN 501C3 status!! What started out as an idea, turned project, is now officially deemed a bonafide nonprofit! Kids will now have the opportunity to get sponsored so much faster with your help! Thank you to all of you who have supported LaunchPad and helped make it a dream come true! Thank you Pam Ikuta and the (NVMAA) North Valley Medical Association Alliance for giving the project it’s own “LaunchPad” to get started and of course thank you to all of the sponsors and teacher referrals who are the true Rocket Fuel behind launching these kids and impacting lives! Check out our infographic to see what we’ve done together over the past 2 years! ‪Launchpad 4 kids, inc.-2