#NominateATeacher2015 Campaign

By LaunchPad

Sparks start fires and fires burn as long as there is fuel!

your-spark-can-became-a-flame-and-change-everything-2-400x408Dutch Bros and The Centre for Facial  Plastic Surgery are teaming up with the LaunchPad4Kids program to find the 2015 Spark in Education! This contest is a way to show both individually and collectively as communities how we feel about the teachers who go to work everyday to help our kids. For many kids, the time they spend with their teachers is just as important as the time they spend at home. Isn’t it worth recognizing the job that they do that is so integral to the future of our children!
Each day in the LaunchPad 4 Kids program, teachers are firing up a passion in the children they nominate to our program by giving them the opportunity to experience extracurricular activities they may not have been able to otherwise. Without our teachers, the LaunchPad program could not run. Teachers know their students and families better than anyone. With the amount of time they spend both with the students and through interacting with the families, teachers send us the most deserving kids with that special spark.

What better time to show how thankful we are for the special teachers in our lives that have touched our hearts. Teachers are truly the pillars of our community by shaping the future. They help OUR children find that special spark and have a love of learning, one of the most powerful things you can give a child.

As the backbone of our LaunchPad 4 Kids program, teachers nominate children that have a special “spark” to receive a scholarship to participate in extracurricular activities! The “fire” is the experience these children gain that lasts a lifetime. The “fuel” is YOU via our nonprofit crowdfunding platform.

This is just a small way to say thank and show our acknowledgement of the people who help shape our children’s lives. Take the time today to say thank you and show your appreciation for all that they do! Help us find the “2015 Spark in Education”.

Vote on Facebook & Instagram: 

  1. Use the hashtag #NominateATeacher2015 and tag LaunchPad4Kids.
  2. Add your teacher’s name and school.
  3. Tell us why you are thankful with text, video or photos for your teacher.

Want to help your teacher win? Take a picture of your favorite teacher and tell your friends to repost by tagging LaunchPad4Kids with the #NominateATeacher2015 Contest will run from Monday the 16th- Monday 30th (Last day to nominate)

*Please note: Profiles cannot nominate the same teacher multiple times. There is no limit on the number of different nominations you make as long as they are separate posts.

Winners will be announced on Dec 4, 2015!

The teacher with the most nominations will win:

  1. The LaunchPad Spark in Education award
  2. $250 for the teacher and $250 to sponsor a child of their choice sponsored by Dutch Bros & Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery.
  3. A one of a kind ”Spark in Education” T-shirt
  4. Recognition with a bio and picture on the LaunchPad4Kids.org website for 1 year.