#WishfulWednesday! What if Gabby Douglas never got the chance to do Gymnastics!

By LaunchPad

We all know the story of Gabby Douglas, the olympic gold medalist who, against all odds, was scouted by one of the top gymnastic trainers in the country! What’s even more powerful though is how! Gabby’s mother was a single mom who worked tirelessly to keep Gabby in gymnastics at all costs. ┬áJust when she could no longer afford to send her, another family with five children stepped in to scholarship Gabby so she could continue.

With all of these people working together, her mother, her coach, and her sponsor, Missy Parton working Missy-Parton-and-Natalie-Hawkins-celebrate-Gabby-Douglas-gold-medal-Good-Morningtogether they literally changed the course of her life! Gabby put in the work, Missy put in the funding and support along with her mother and her coach!

Can you imagine if Gabby didn’t get her chance! The Parton family helped launch Gabby into a new life that had so many positive outcomes and benefits and she is still reaping them today. You never know how these scholarships can really change the perspective of someone’s life! That’s why LaunchPad’s goal is to connect more people that want to help, like Missy Parton, to kids that need it, like Gabby Douglas!

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