How It Works

Working with schools and teachers is an integral part of the vetting process to ensure we identify the right children for our program.

Every child in our program is referred by a teacher or school counselor in order to receive the opportunity to participate in extracurriculars.

This program is the matchmaking service between those who can afford to give and those who could use a helping hand. We focus on connecting children and donors through extracurricular activities in the areas of Cultural enrichment, Arts, Personal mentoring, and Sports AKA: C.A.P.S. Our aim is to close the opportunity gap in the U.S.

Check out our video to see exactly how the program works!

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Are you a business owner, activity vendor, or school that would like to directly impact the children in your community? Maybe you're a parent that would like to add your school?

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    Add Your School

    It takes a special person to do more than work with children to go above and beyond to truly impact their life and give the gift of an experience.

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    Partner With Us

    Be the catalyst for kids to discover aspects of themselves they may not have otherwise had the chance to find.

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Join Us For some fun while providing children the opportunity to be a success, no matter their current circumstance.

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