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Makiaha wants to be a KARATE KID

This young lady has earned her ASTRONAUT YEAR!!!

$51 7%
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Aiyanna would love to be a DANCER

Aiyanna's family is working hard to provide stability in her life. She would be a wonderful candidate for LaunchPad.

$11 4.8%
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Cobian wants to learn to COOK

Cobian has overcome some obstacles in his young life and getting involved in extra curricular acitivites will bring him authentic joy

$0 0%
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Elias wants to be a KARATE KID

Elias would really enjoy participating in his chosen activities through LaunchPad. He gets along well with peers and adults.

$0 0%
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Richard would like to play SOCCER

Richard is a happy, active young boy who would love to develop his skills.

$0 0%
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Successfully Launched

Alexis would love to learn GYMNASTICS

Alexis is a sweet and energetic girl who has recently suffered a loss in her life.

$205 100%

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