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Elias, 12 years old, wants to learn to play the SAXOPHONE

Elias would really enjoy participating in his chosen activities through LaunchPad. He gets along well with peers and adults.

$150 31.7%
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Kaylee, 13 years old, wants to Learn GYMNASTICS

Kaylee is a sweet girl who has recently suffered a great loss in her life. She is raised by a single mother who is highly involved and doing a wonderful job raising her girls

$50 24.4%
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Successfully Launched

Natalie, 7 years old, wants to learn to DRAW & PAINT

Natalie is one of 5 girls in the family. Dad recently was granted all rights to them, due to abuse by mom. She had been through a lot of trauma and would benefit from being able to participate in extracurricular activities. She currently lives in a 2 bedroom apartment with 7 people and does not have much room to play or run around.

$183 100%
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Aiyanna, 9 years old, would love to learn GYMNASTICS

Aiyanna is a sweet child but does have emotional outbursts that are concerning. Her family is working hard to provide to provide stability in her life. She would be a wonderful candidate for Launch Pad.

$0 0%
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Successfully Launched

Amariah, 7 years old, would love to learn to DANCE

Amariah is a sweet little girl who has been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, as well as ADHD. She had been struggling with managing her behaviors here at school, but has been recently doing better.

$295 100%
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Successfully Launched

Makiaha, 9 years old, wants to be a KARATE KID

This young lady has earned her ASTRONAUT YEAR!!!

$726 100%

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