Our Story

Launch Pad 4 Kids Team


To provide a way for one person to directly impact a child in need, by providing funds to an activity of the child’s choice.


Our vision is to close the opportunity gap for ALL children in the U.S.

Our Story-Why We Launched.

Launchpad was created out of an unmet need, not only in our community, but all over the world. Children in at-risk, underprivileged or foster care living situations need the community to wrap their arms around them and help them thrive more than ever.

When children are exposed to various activities that provide confidence boosting opportunities, teamwork and access to strong, encouraging adults, it is proven that they are much more likely to be a success. The purpose of Launchpad is to do just that. To provide children the opportunity to be a success, no matter their current circumstance.

It became clear to me that Launchpad was necessary when my daughter, 5 years old at the time, began her first season of soccer. At the end of her first practice, the coach explained to the team what gear was necessary, who would provide the snacks for the team each week and the cost of pictures.

I didn’t realize how much of a financial burden it was for a family on our team until the coach brought it to my attention while walking to our cars. Upon learning about the situation, my husband and I asked for the sizes of the child, their snack assignment and a request to be kept anonymous. That evening we purchased the equipment for the child along with our daughters to begin the season.

It was an amazing feeling to know that another little girl, the same age as my own now had the same opportunity to discover their spark. I knew then that I wanted to make a difference with more than just one child.

Why? Because I saw myself in that family. As a young girl, my family too, struggled to make ends meet, which kept me from participating in a number of extracurricular activities.

Thus, the idea for Launchpad was born. Allow people who want to impact a child the opportunity to give back directly over and over again. By giving from One to One, the sponsorship impacts the child in more ways than monetarily; it provides self-confidence, unique opportunities for enrichment and the ability to help shape another child’s worldview.

Think about the importance of the activities in your life and how they (the coaches, the teachers, your teammates) impacted you. By Launching children, I believe we are strengthening characters, providing a different perception of their world and opening eyes and minds to the possibility of success.

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