Are gifts tax deductible?
Yes – As a 501(c)3 charity, all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of US law.

How will you ensure that the children attend the activity?
Once LaunchPad receives a thank you note from the child, all funds are paid directly to the vendor for the activity. Each sponsor is sent a thank you note from the child for the activity scholarship. 

If I am a nonprofit or school, how do I send children to your program?
If you would like to refer a child, please download or fill out this form. We ask that the child you are referring meet the criteria listed here: All of the children in Launchpad are from low-income, at-risk or underprivileged environments or foster children. We leave the specifics of the child to be determined by the staff members  of the referring organization as they know these children on a more direct level to assess need.

Please attach the form and the reason for your referral. A Launchpad representative will contact you via email and contact the parent directly to begin the sponsorship process and place the child in an activity of their choice. We ask that organizations obtain the parent’s signature on each form and send to the address below:
1095 Hilltop Drive, #129 Redding, CA 96002

How can I enroll my child in Launchpad?
At this time we do not accept direct referrals from parents to provide consistency of need and ensure a vetting process.  However, you may request a referral to our program from a nonprofit that is currently affiliated with our program.

What affiliates do you currently work with?
We work with schools, nonprofits and government, state and local agencies that focus on families and children that are deemed low-income, foster and at-risk youth between the ages of 3-17.

What types of activities do you offer?
Launchpad connects sponsors with children in order for us to provide the opportunity to be exposed to any activity of their interest. Therefore, if a child is referred to our program, we do our best to coordinate entry into the activity of their choice.  We want children to be apart of the decision which is why we ask organizations to speak with the child about an activity of interest when filling out the form for LaunchPad. Our goal is to provide sponsorship in the areas of C.A.P.S.: Cultural Experiences, Arts, Personal Mentoring, and Sports. We believe that all of these areas encourage enrichment opportunities for children and self esteem boosting interactions as well.

What types of activities would fall into each of these categories?
Cultural Experiences: this could range from anything such as a local food festival to attending the Symphony with their parent. The sponsor would facilitate the means in the form of a ticket, outfit (if necessary), funds for food or drinks if necessary during intermission. The means necessary to get the full experience. A potential sponsorship like this could average between: Food festival $20 ticket (purchased and provided) and $40-50 spending money to purchase a few samples and potentially gas card if specified necessary from the referral source. Totaling: $90 on the higher end. The Symphony example may cost upwards of $5-600 for a one time sponsorship.

Arts: Piano, a one time art class, sewing, a concert, anything related to the Arts. A ticket to a local play.

Personal Mentoring: Shadowing someone, volunteering, being exposed to scholarship interviews. In this case, each child must have a parent present or have a parent sign a waiver to allow the child to participate in the personal mentoring portion of Launchpad for legal reasons and liability purposes.

Sports: Each child must fill out the sports waivers and forms that is required for the specific sport of their choice.

As a sponsor, is there a minimum gift that we can give?
Absolutely not. If we are unable to use your funds immediately we will note in our accounts how much you sponsored and let you know that we have combined your funds with another donation to sponsor a child. If funds are not earmarked for a specific activity, we will use them for children based upon their requests. We have found that many of our sponsors give an amount and say “do what you can with this”.

How many children can a person sponsor?
As many children as you would like. If you would like to consistently sponsor one child or change your sponsorship each time that is okay as well.

How is the Launchpad staff paid?
As of right now none of our staff is paid and we are always looking for volunteers to help us continue to connect children to impactful opportunities