Adopt an Astronaut

Adopt an Astronaut (Sponsors $500-$1000) 

This is a sponsorship commitment to a child for a full year for the activity they have chosen. You may sign up for the astronaut program by simply locating an astronaut of your choice on our homepage with the designation “Astronaut” and funding the full amount. 

This is a great way for businesses or individuals to support a child and watch their progress while giving back to their community!

Rocket Fuel (any amount)

This is our one-time donation program that allows anyone to directly  impact a child in our program with any amount they choose. Supporting our program in this way sends children into various activities through the crowdfunding model we use. Any little bit counts towards the child and the activity you choose. Our Rocket Fuelers provide an opportunity for these children to find that special spark! Sponsor One to Launch One

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